About us

Winemakers for 7 generations

Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Piedmontese viticulture, we work to produce quality wines that tell our story.


Where does this date come from? We like to remember the year in which the Castino family’s wine stopped being just a family product and started being sold in the neighboring towns, and from there to Asti and Turin.

Today, as in the past, we like to think big, aware and proud of our wines’ quality, the result of work, research and, above all, a lot of passion.

Our Philosophy

A good wine must give emotions, for this reason even before producing it we like to imagine it. Having a clear idea of the final result, we follow what the land offers us, to exalt its characteristics and show them to the world.

The ingredients of a perfect Castino-style wine?


For us, viticulture is not just work, but the center around which our lives revolve. We love what we do and, above all, we love doing it well.


Behind every wine there is a study, a will to interpret and guide it, from the grape to the bottle: a fundamental process to obtain a quality product.


Because this is where it all starts: today, as in the past, we pay attention to the quality of raw materials, respecting the territory in which we live.


Tradition guides us but innovation pushes us to do better and better, to meet the needs of the market and of modern consumers.